Technologies used in Platform ONE


 Proxmox  and KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) and Linux  QUEMU (Quick Emulator) offers possibility to utilize server resources to it's maximum. We can create a server, where are running all important systems together in isolated containers, using virtualization. Do you need high availability? than Proxmox is the right tool for you. It's simple setup, yet complex capabilities are comparable to any commercial product. It even provides possibility to create LCX containers, that are build with minimal kernel as a layer for deploying other services and applications. You can use it as a alternative for Docker. What else does PROXMOX offer? Platform independence, support of authentication( e.g. openLDAP). Ease of integration to the external storage using various protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, LVM, LVM-thin, ZFS), or object storage such as CEPH. All those technologies are OpenSource, you don't have to worry about the limits, that are coming with the commercial software.

networking and network security

 It's universal flexible scalable firewall, that meets the most demanding requirements to the security of your data. It's a robust solution, customized for large companies running on global infrastructure, but can be used for smaller deployments too. It offers various ad-dons, expanding functionality of firewall. Such as network intrusion prevention system , load balancer, network traffic management , transparent web cache proxy with antivirus protection, or web page filtering. It also offers  offers VPN solution, DNS or DHCP server. je samozrejmostí.

 Snort  is very popular Open Source system intended for network intrusion prevention. It's monitoring network traffic and based on certain rules decides, weather an activity is considered as safe or not. It can than notify network administrator or even block such activity. Safety rules are  regularly updated. With regards to customer needs, we can use community rules, or rules that are certified by  Cisco Talos. Which is organization that is focusing on internet security. It's part of Cisco security portfolio - group of elite network security specialist, that is providing excellent protection to it's customers.

 Do you need remote connection from your Home Office  or access your company from a mobile device? OpenVPN allows you to securely and reliably connect using  encrypted connection to any network you need for your work.  Communication is secured by by digital certificate, we can also configure additional password based authentication.

monitoring and automation

 Automation  v IT umožnuje efektivně řešit případy, kdy existuje operace, kterou lze pomoci algoritmizace nahradit. V praxi to znamená, že místo toho, aby jste dělali rutinni práci ručně, tak ji za vás vykoná automatizovaný program. Toto Vám ušetří čas a peníze. V praxi se může jednat o automatic data load, detection of possible issues with particular interface and immediate correction . Capabilities of automation are literally endless, nearly everything can be automated. If you contact us, we can prepare you a an offer

 Another useful tool, that is Open Source. It's a software platform for configuration a management of IT infrastructure. We use ANSIBLE for automatic deployments of infrastructural changes and it's updates. We're able to define Ansible jobs in a way, the creation of whole environment could be triggered by pressing a button. This would  save you time and money.

User and documentation management

 OpenLDAP  volně šiřitelná implementace LDAP protokolu, který ukládá informace o uživatelích, jejích právech a skupinách. Tímto je umožněna jejich jednoduchá správa. V praxi to znamená, že uživatel je založen v LDAP-u, kde je mu přirazená správná role, která zabezpečí přístup požadovaného systému. Systémem se rozumí jakýkoliv systém, nebo aplikace, do které je možné se přihlásit. Pomocí skupin/rolí jsme schopni řídit oprávnění pro daného uživatele. Také je myšleno na bezpečnost uživatelských účtů, kde řídíme expiracii účtů , komplexitu hesel, pravidelní změny hesel. There is no other user management system as simple and reliable as OpenLDAP ...

 Do you need to document your systems or process and not sure how to do it? DokuWiki is user friendly, but still simple open source WIKI software that doesn't require database DokuWiki is supported by large community that develops and maintains a wide range of plugins that improve it's usability. We can set it up, so every department has it's own private space where they can document their knowledge.

development tools

 Why do we use Python ? It's universal programming languagethat allows to create scripts supporting automation, can be used for data processing, data modeling, or machine learning, or application prototyping. We're able to advise you even in these areas.

GitLab is a robust system built around GIT ( system for source code versioning ) It allows you version source code, test it and deploy it. Apart from that it also offers a system for tracking bugs and change requests and documentation.