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IT Professionals

 We have dozens years of experience in IT such as administration, support of in-house solutions, programming, automation, virtualization or security. We focus on reducing operating costs in IT using most advanced Open Source technologies. Source Let us introduce you our solution in which we are able to cover all services you need for extremely low operating costs.

We Believe In Open Source

What do we offer

Our portfolio

 We offer consolidated solution for companies or individuals that will allow you to focus fully on your business. Thanks to our solution you can forget about IT completely 

Platform One

It is a unique solution based on Open Source It is a unique solution based on Open Source technologies that can cover all IT infrastructures and related services within one platform, one server. The ideal solution for those looking for efficiency, simplicity and low operating costs.  

Customized solutions

We will help you automate routine processes and thus save time and money. We will provide comprehensive monitoring, access to your network via VPN, we will secure your computer network, or set up automatic updates of your systems

comprehensive IT services

Thanks to many years of experience within IT, we are able to outsource your IT systems. It is mainly the management of operating systems, databases, networks or internal applications. We can also help with development of new functionalities or user applications.


We build upon Open Source

Let's free your IT with our unique solution