Platform ONE

Unique solution based on Open Source


 All-In-One Infrastructure

 You don't need your own IT

 Low costs

 We reduce the number of servers


to whom

  Smaller companies that do not have their own IT

  Medium-sized companies that have limited resources in IT

  Large companies that have IT and want to transform it

  Software companies that do not want to deal with IT infrastructure and Devops

  For schools that need to have a comprehensive infrastructure available


  Fully virtualized environment

  High level of security

  Guaranteed availability

  Automated management of the entire solution

  Documentation and user management is included


  Setup and putting into service 

  Migration of current IT infrastructure to the Platform ONE

  Implementation of additional functionalities

  Automation of repetitive tasks

  Remote monitoring of your systems

Customized solution

We are able to fully adapt our solution to your requirements.

  Do you need to extend you infrastructure?

  Do you need to improve the availability of existing infrastructure?

  Do you want to increase the efficiency of your hardware or processes?

We are able to adapt our solution to any requirement .

Platform ONE product

The basic question behind creation of Platform ONE was “Is it possible to reduce IT infrastructure costs without having to compromise on quality?" The answer was surprisingly simple - if we use Open Source , then it is possible.

 This was followed by phase of research and testing components; we have always kept in mind that the Open Source products, from which we assembly our solution, must meet the highest demands, such as:

  Reliability verified by deployment in the commercial sphere

  Option to purchase paid support from the manufacturer

  Product is not linked to a specific platform

 It is easy to replace it with another, even commercial product, if necessary.

However, after we prepared and fine tuned our product, doubts occurred. We believed in our idea, but asked ourselves, "Can we persuade customers about the same? Will our solution be good enough for them?"

But determination and desire to come up with something new helped us to overcome these concerns.

As J. F. Kennedy once said: "We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because it's easy, but because it's hard.“


To whom

 It is designed for companies or individuals, who are ready to comprehensively deal with their IT without major investment. We are able to prepare a turnkey solution for standard use (on premise - servers located directly at client side).


 In case you don't have your own IT, but still require high availability of your Infrastructure, we're able to provide remote support/monitoring and even full administration of your HW and SW - you don't have to worry about anything. .