support and consultancy

 Do you want to consult someone who understands IT? Do you need advice on a particular IT issue? We will use all our resources to find a root cause and offer you a solution. Or will advise, which way in IT to choose.


 We'll help, or even take over management of your infrastructure. We focus on support of operating systems and servers, databases and networking.

cloud solution

 planning to move your IT infrastructure to a cloud? We'll introduce you capabilities of cloud solution and if you like it, we can take care of implementation.


 we can move your physical servers to a virtual environment. We'll than optimize performance of the environment, with regards to your needs and given hardware resources.


 we can implement monitoring, that will monitor your IT infrastructure and/or applications. We are able to prepare customized monitoring probes, so you'r fully aware about your IT systems and processes.


 Having issues with stuff that doesn't work properly, or keep doing the same things over and over again? Let's fix it . We can create algorithms, that will take over routine stuff. This can give you extra time, you can use for other, more important activities.

performance, stress testing

 want to find out, how your systems behave under load? Want to find out their limits? We will perform set of test and complex analysis. This will tell you their strengths and weaknesses.