Comprehensive IT services

Do you need someone who understands IT? We'll provide you with our experience and advise you on the way to go.

Can't you deal with an IT problem? We'll use all available tools to identify the cause of the problem and propose solutions.

We'll advise you, outsource your IT systems, virtualisation, monitoring or automation.

Anything you want!


We'll be happy to help you with or completely take over your infrastructure's management. This mainly means operating systems support, and also, for example, databases or networks.


Are you considering moving your infrastructure to the cloud? Or do you need to be fully flexible and want your office within easy reach no matter where you are? We'll introduce you to the possibilities of using the cloud and if you like it, we'll also implement the whole solution.


We'll transfer your physical servers to a virtual environment that optimise the use of hardware. Virtualise correctly, virtualise with us.


We implement monitoring that can monitor both your infrastructure and your applications. We have no problem programming tailor-made monitoring probes so you know exactly what is happening in your internal system.


 Do you also have a problem with things that don't work properly or that you have to do repeatedly? Let’s make this right. We'll programme an algorithm for you to take over the routine work and give you time for other, more important activities.


Do you want to know the limits of your systems or their behaviour when loaded? We'll perform stress tests to test the system's behaviour in a critical situation. In addition to the design and implementation of the tests, we'll also analyse them and propose a further procedure.